Meet Intense Mint Scalp Infusion Oil

This is our First Product that we ever made for sale. It is still a fan favorite. This is a smooth 100% Organic Ingredient Naturally preserved product. Why is it so special? This product packs a punch for scalp irritation addressing intense itching caused by atopic dermatitis, dandruff, etc. It is full of anti-inflammatory ingredients to address dermis irritation and naturally soothes skin while promoting healing. This oil was made specifically for the scalp however can be used all over the body. Since its made with MSM and high carrier oils to make sure it absorbs into the skin you can be sure that it will not sit on top of your scalp or skin and will not leave a greasy feel. This product also addresses brittle roots and split ends. Its a moisture sealer for the driest hair and pairs well with braid and twist out styles.

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We are a family owned and operated small business that has set the goal of providing quality hair care products that address real life hair and scalp issues naturally. We have specialty lines that specifically address issues like atopic dermatitus and dandruff. Natural Stylers line that address styling from scalp to tip and concentrated serums that promote growth. We strive to offer natural clean products that are always cruelty free., ethically sourced, and made with TLC. We use non gmo ,certified organic ingredients and have plenty of Vegan/ Gluten Free Options.

WE embrace what makes us different and what makes us the same by curating our products with the foundation of scalp and hair health. We make our products buildable so that you can customize your experience with us by deciding what your hair requires. We use quality ingredients which means a little goes a long way..

Welcome to BrounLikeMe the curated inclusive Natural Hair Care Brand for ALL shades of brown

  • Why BrounLikeMe?

    We make products to love and embrace our hair. We keep in mind the importance of ingredient integrity and strive to use quality ingredients that nourish our scalp and hair.

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  • Natural Hair Clean Beauty products for textured hair. Conditioning with organic ingredients cruelty free vegan plant based gluten free options

    Say Hello To our Moisture Package

    We are truly excited to announce that we now have our Vegan Moisture Haircare Pack available!. This includes Love Your Scalp Shampoo Thirsty Curls Conditioner Wild Curls Hair Mask and our PH balance Scalp and Hair Restore Serum.

    Moisture Pack 
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