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Loving Every Shade of Brown..Whats Yours?

At Brounlikeme we embrace originalty commrodary and selflove. Our products are founding on the premis of giving you a foundation for scalp health and hair growth embracing every Koil Kink and Curl

  • Founder of BLMHC

    Los Angeles Native April Stewart founded Brounlikeme in 2019. Motivied by her own need for prodicts that were natural with skin sensativities in mind she formulated her first product Intense Mint Scalp Infusion Oil. This Multi Use product helps relieve eczema itching scaling promotes healing. Motivated by friends and family to share her products with the world for others in need she made haircare personal and birthed Brounlikeme Natural Haircare

    Instense Mint 
  • Who We Are

    We are a family owned and operated small business that has set the goal of providing quality hair care products that address real life hair and scalp issues naturally. We have specialty lines that specifically address issues like atopic dermatitus and dandruff. Natural Stylers line that address styling from scalp to tip and concentrated serums that promote growth. We strive to offer natural clean products that are always cruelty free., ethically sourced, and made with TLC.

    We use non gmo ,certified organic ingredients and have plenty of Vegan/ Gluten Free Options.

    WE embrace what makes us different and what makes us the same by curating our products with the foundation of scalp and hair health. We make our products buildable so that you can customize your experience with us by deciding what your hair requires. We use quality ingredients which means a little goes a long way..

    Welcome to BrounLikeMe the curated inclusive Natural Hair Care Brand for ALL shades of brown

  • Growth Moisture Eczema

    We have you covered! Looking for frizz free curls, scalp health and growth... we were too lol and thats why we packed each product full of herbs amnio acids vitamins in its purest form to help heal restore and grow you hair. Our aim? For you to fall in love with your hair again and love the skin your in !



    Growth Collection 
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