Collection: Moisture

Our Moisture Pack is what your hair has been waiting on! Love Your Scalp Shampoo focuses on your foundation health- a gentle Vitamin packed mint wash that  is formulated to cleanse the scalp and moisturize the hair. Packed with ingredients that fight dandruff inflammation and strengthening to the hair. Followed by our amazing hydrating conditioner Thirsty Curls. This conditioner is a must for curlies! We know we need a little extra love to define curls and leave the hair soft and manageable after it drys. And, when its been ruff and your hair needs a reset we got you covered with our Wild Curls Hair mask. This rich creamy mask is a dream for thicker hair, abandoned hair and hair thats needing a little TLC. Then add the Ph balance Restore serum to keep your scalp happy and work through your hair for a light frizz control. You will thank us later.


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