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Curl Clump Brush Pre Sale ships 9/1

Curl Clump Brush Pre Sale ships 9/1

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Curl defining brush PRE SALE SHIPS 9/1

Curl Defining Brush: Effortlessly define, shape, and detangle curls with this brush, boasting an ergonomic handle and strategically positioned bristles. Its unique teeth design aids in evenly dividing hair, enhancing the ease of styling.

Curl Brush: Elevate your curly hairstyle game with this versatile brush, perfect for sculpting, styling, and refreshing your curls. Whether you prefer bouncy curls or gentle waves, this brush caters to all your fashionable curly hair needs.

Multifunctional Design: More than just a hair care tool, this curl brush serves as a versatile companion for creating trendy hairstyles. From product application to simple touch-ups, its compact size ensures convenient on-the-go styling for keeping your curls in top shape.

Styling: Use this curl styling brush to detangle, define and set curls giving soft voluminous curls 

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